The Wine Legend Trailer

Casillero del Diablo

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The legend of Casillero del Diablo, one of the world’s most famous wines, is a story of robbery, mystery and suspense. It’s a story made for the big screen.
In collaboration with DAf, Casillero del Diablo presents its century old legend as a modern day crime thriller.
From the concept’s creation to its production, we fixated on every aspect of the campaign so it would look, sound and feel like a feature film. The goal was to captivate audiences, transporting them into the only place where attention still remains undivided: the big comfy seats of the movie theater.

A story made for the big screen.


Coinciding with the cinematographic theme, the print ad functioned as a movie poster.

Image - Print The Wine Legend Trailer


The campaign’s web site presents the characters and story of the movie. HTML5 works to create a narrative navigation structure.

Image - Website The Wine Legend Trailer

A campaign
that looks,
and feels
like a feature film.

Making of

The official behind the scenes for Wine Legend Trailer. Actor interviews, the director’s take and exploding wine barrels.