Viña Seña

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Seña is Chile’s consummate icon wine and the personal project of one of the country’s leading figures in the industry, Eduardo Chadwick. Behind the wine is a story of innovative and risky decisions that Eduardo made by following his heart. DAf created a campaign based on this personal and intuitive outlook. The campaign was unveiled to great success in Asia, a key market for luxury wines, and continues to thrive around the world.

An iconic decision is made with the heart


Seña’s print ad, communicating the concept of following intuition in an elegant manner.

Image - Print Intuition


This interactive iPad presentation lets users navigate through Seña’s history. Key interactions are integrated to further educate on the wine.

Image - iPad Intuition
Image - iPad Intuition
Image - iPad Intuition

Brand documentary

This documentary follows Seña during it’s vertical tasting tour in Asia. The format presents the story from a jouranlistic perspective, with interviews with Seña’s founder, Eduardo Chadwick and Master of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee leading us through the tastings.

The consummate wine for the Asian consumer